Gabion baskets

A natural exterior design is very much in the current trend. Gabion baskets are ideal for bringing natural stones into an aesthetically pleasing shape and thus creating gabion walls and borders that blend harmoniously into nature. WDM Deutenberg has been active in this field for decades and is one of the leading partners for companies in gardening and landscaping as well as the realization of natural noise protection walls.

From the trellis to the bench

In gardening and landscaping, gabion baskets can be used for a wide variety of functions. They are discreet trellises that remain in the background and allow nature to develop freely. They become a natural substructure for gabion benches. And they form an ideal construction element for the construction of natural-looking privacy or noise protection walls that can be planted or simply have their own aesthetic appeal.

Stone walls are used as natural boundaries in many regions of the world. Walls made out of gabion baskets are the modern variant of this. We manufacture high-quality elements for gabion baskets that withstand the pressure of the stone masses and thus give stone walls a clearly defined shape. For this we only use aluminum zinc wire or stainless steel mesh with a corrosion resistance according to DIN EN ISO 9227.

Retaining walls and bank reinforcements

Gabion retaining walls stabilize slopes and are an effective solution of countering landslides or soil erosion. Filled with stones, they ensure a sustainable and immovable attachment. When planted, they become a constructive green space with an invisible function. WDM Deutenberg manufactures gabion baskets precisely tailored to the required function and strength. For this we usually use wire thicknesses between 3.0 mm and 6.0 mm in the required mesh size.

Gabion baskets for reinforced earth

With gabion baskets, constructive structures can be realized without looking like a constructive structure. For example in the form of gabions for reinforced earth, which are anchored in the ground with the help of reinforcement grids and are ideal for creating a specific ground relief. The flexible production technology from WDM Deutenberg offers optimal conditions for the production of such gabion baskets exactly according to customer specifications.

Stone baskets for wall facing

Stone baskets made of gabion lattice give mundane house walls an attractive appearance in harmony with nature. Wall facings of this type can be implemented easily and inexpensively and are a decorative element that, for example, refines the sober appearance of functional buildings with a visually appealing shell. WDM Deutenberg is also the right Partner and will find a functional solution for every structural situation.

Walls that don't look like walls

Narrow and high and filled with natural stones, gabion baskets can be combined to form walls of a special kind. They offer optimal protection and are not as unpleasing as conventional walls made of concrete or plastered stones. Numerous gabion baskets can be combined to form a visually closed unit that appeals with its harmonious surface appearance and combines attractive design with high functionality and long-lasting quality.

Natural noise protection

Noise protection walls made of concrete elements are anything but aesthetically pleasing. With connected gabion baskets made of welded grids, gabion noise protection walls can be created that blend harmoniously into the landscape, and offer a high level of sound insulation. WDM Deutenberg has highly efficient production facilities that are also capable of producing large quantities of gabion mats. There is a choice between spiral gabions or rod gabions in different corrosion protection versions.

Gabion baskets in application