Wire meshes are versatile construction elements for a wide range of applications. As a partition wall system, they secure room areas against unauthorized access, as a protective machine grille they limit dangerous areas of machines and systems and are ideal in manufacturing for the construction of fences made out of gabions and stone baskets. They combine flexibility with strength and can be specifically equipped with the properties required for the respective application.

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Push rod gabions
Push rod gabions


Fence gabions
Fence gabions


Reinforced Earth
Reinforced Earth System


Spiral gabions
Spiral gabions


Spiral gabions for durable mesh baskets

External characteristics of spiral gabions is a spiral rod that connects the individual gabion grids. Their properties are high resilience, flexibility and permanent stability. Spiral gabions can be manufactured in a wide variety of dimensions and combined with one another as desired. They are ideal as stone baskets or gravel baskets.

Rod gabions for soundproofing and walls

Push rod gabions consist of gabion grids with eyelet-shaped ends. A rod is guided through these eyelets, which ensures a permanently long-lasting stable connection. Stick rod gabions are characterized by an even surface and a distinctively high aesthetic. They combine a high degree of flexibility with long-lasting stability. They are ideal for building a noise barrier or gabion wall.

Noise protection walls made of stainless steel gabions are not only characterized by a high level of noise protection, they also can be manufactured relatively inexpensively. Especially when they are planted, a noise barrier is created that blends harmoniously into the environment and impresses with its natural aesthetics. Noise protection walls made of gabions are mainly used on highways, train routes or industrial sites with high noise levels.

Custom made products exactly as required

Gabions can be used in a variety of ways: as a retaining wall or wall facing, as a substructure for gabion benches or simply as a design element in landscapening. WDM Deutenberg has many years of experience as a manufacturer of gabions and is able to provide a custom-made solution for every application.

Quality and corrosion resistance according to DIN EN ISO 9227

WDM Deutenberg manufactures gabions exactly to measure and to suits different requirements as best as possioble. Depending on the mechanical load, wire thicknesses between 3.0 mm and 7.0 mm are used. To ensure maximum durability and safety, we use either stainless steel wire or aluminium-zinc wire with corrosion resistance according to DIN EN ISO 9227.

Short delivery times

With an extensive stock of raw materials, we ensure a high availability of gabions in standard designs. Custom-made products made of gabions or wire can also be produced within a very short time and are available as required.