Gabion retaining walls

If, for example, road construction interferes with the natural course of the terrain, soil erosion can quickly occur. The consequences are incalculable dangers like landslides and falling rocks. The situation is similar with canals or straightened watercourses. In those cases banks also have to be stabilized in order to avoid environmental damage. Gabion retaining walls are ideally suited for strengthening endangered banks and slopes in a natural and sustainable way.

Walls that become part of nature

Gabion retaining walls are the natural variant of wall construction. Its permeable structure allows the accumulation of soil and promotes natural vegetation, under which the wall will sooner or later no longer be recognizable. In addition, the existing gaps provide shelter for numerous small creatures and contribute to the ecological balance.

Stones tamed and shaped

Stones are an excellent material for mounting slopes and banks. Enclosed by the welded mesh of countless gabions, they can carry out their protective task without being influenced by the forces of nature. Slopes remain stable and the underlying surfaces are protected from landslides. Embankments are not washed away even with high water.

Corrosion resistant almost forever

WDM Deutenberg manufactures gabion baskets for the construction of gabion retaining walls from extremely corrosion-resistant steel wire. Both aluminium-zinc wire and stainless steel wire in a wide range of qualities are used. The result is corrosion resistance according to DIN EN ISO 9227, which guarantees unrestricted function for decades, depending on the stress.