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Protective grids and wire products for the construction industry

The construction industry has a constant need for protection systems, such as protective and reinforcement grids. These are essential on construction sites to prevent accidents and hazards. Special welded meshes are used as corner and side protection grids, for example in new buildings, where preventting debris from falling down is really impotant for the saftey.

In addition, high-quality wire grids also protects against falls and thus serves to generally secure the construction site. We offer machine protection grids and reinforcement grids for special applications that combine a wide variety of quality features.

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Grids for the construction industry

The reinforcement grids, welded wire mesh and single-rod mats we manufacture from B500A + G and B500A + P - ND: up to 16 mm, as well as reinforcement grids and industrial grids from B500A + G - ND: up to 10.0 mm are certified by the MPA NRW and thus correspond the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17660 and DIN 488. In addition, the shearing force at the crossing points is frequently checked. In this way, we ensure that our products are flawless and can be used to prevent accidents.

The individualized manufacturing options enables the equipment with additional product features that ensure even more increased stability of the protective, reinforced and welded grids. Our products are therefore also available with plate metal support, with double wires or additionally folded. We offer the right welded mesh for every application.

Therefore WDM Deutenberg

There are many good reasons to choose gabions and grid products from WDM Deutenberg.

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Benefit from our long experience in development and production.

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If desired, we can provide full support for your projects right from the start.

Certified quality

Our products are regularly tested for our high quality standards.

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Thanks to our own construction, we offer fast implementation of projects.

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