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Warehouse logistics, transport technology and shelf wire grids

In times of rapid digitization, the topic of logistics is becoming ever more important. Everyone can now ask themselves how many packages they have already ordered from online shops this month. In order to withstand this flood of online trade, it is essential to be prepared for the future in the industrial and storage technology sector.

As an experienced manufacturer of warehouse grid shelves, cross and lengthwise dividers, compartment dividers and other storage equipment, we are happy to help and ensure that the end customers can rely on the world's largest online retailers.

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Extensive experience in large scale projects

We've already been able to support the construction of major department stores a dozen times with our products. We are not only characterized by our excellent quality, but also guarantee a smooth project flow from the beginning of planning to punctual delivery.

Thanks to decades of industry experience in the manufacture of special wire mesh, transport frames and protective grid systems, we are very familiar with the requirements of the industry, which is why our customers can benefit from our extensive know-how and the excellent product properties.

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Various possible uses of our grids

The desired grid sizes are manufactured as burr-free wire grids and can easily be provided with suitable notches. We can take uncomplicated further processing with flat bars or profiles into account as early as the production process. The countless possible uses make our WMD Deutenberg welded mesh the first choice in product development for storage technology.

Of course, all finishing options such as hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, powder coating, chrome and nickel plating, electropolishing, pickling and passivation are also available to you for our wire solutions for transport technology.

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Therefore WDM Deutenberg

There are many good reasons to choose gabions and grid products from WDM Deutenberg.

Over 60 years experience

Benefit from our long experience in development and production.

Comprehensive service

If desired, we can provide full support for your projects right from the start.

Certified quality

Our products are regularly tested for our high quality standards.

Fast delivery

Thanks to our own construction, we offer fast implementation of projects.

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