Partition wall systems protect property

Regardless of whether it is a partition wall system for storage rooms, cellar systems, access barriers, fences or gates: WDM Deutenberg is your supplier for optimal solutions for protecting your property and personal objects. Partition wall systems made of welded grids can be used to create uncomplicated and quick solutions that make it unnecessary to build walls to separate a room. In addition, our storage partitions made of spot-welded wire grids are clearly superior to wooden crates or glass partitions in terms of fire protection, stability and durability. An investment that pays off.

The same applies to fencing of properties with a partition wall system, which has a very high weather resistance due to subsequent hot-dip galvanizing of the individual grid partitions.

Production of grids for partition wall systems

During the production of the partition wall grille, the profiles and accessories are directly welded on and finished so that you can get everything from a single source. For the fastest possible retrieval, WDM Deutenberg always keeps a large stock of mesh partitions, storage partitions and fence elements.

All the accessories for installation, such as support posts and fastening clamps, are already included in the scope of delivery of our partition wall systems. In this way, our partition walls can be installed directly.


  • Partition wall systems
  • Site fences
  • Barrier fences
  • Gate fillings
  • Basement partitions

Separation grids in use

Types of wire

  • Bare wire according to EN 10016 or EN 10025
  • Bare wire B500A+G or B500A+P according to DIN 488
  • Pre-galvanized wire according to EN 10204
  • Galfan wire (ZnAl), zinc coating according to EN 10244-2

Wire mesh dimensions

  • Outer dimensions from 1,000 x 1,000 mm to 3,000 x 1,500 mm
  • Mesh sizes from 25 x 50 mm to 100 x 200 mm
  • Other outer dimensions and mesh sizes possible

Diameter Ø (dx)

  • Standard versions from 3.0 to 8.0 mm
  • Other diameter possible

Further processing options

  • Combination with flat bars and profiles
  • Cantings
  • Hot-dip galvanizing according to DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Powder coating