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Location Wolfshagen
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The Company

WDM Deutenberg is a medium-sized company based in Wolfshagen, Ense and Leisnig.

With our team of skilled employees, we have been producing wire products of all kinds for more than 60 years. Our customers are represented in the Industry, Architecture, Commerce and Store Construction.


tons of wire per year



3+ ha

operating area

Wire products made of different materials

We manufacture industrial welded mesh, stainless steel grids, wire baskets and complete drawer pull-out systems, custom made wire items and wire bent parts. Depending on the purpose of application and the area of use, we take different kinds of materials and thicknesses to manufacture our products. We create wire parts from bare wire as well as from aluminum galvanized wire. Stainless steel wires are also manufactured at WDM Deutenberg.

Wire processing in modern manufacturing facilities

Our modern machinery includes CNC bending and spot welding machines as well as punches and many other machines. We take over typical wire technology tasks such as welding, forming and bevelling with the utmost accuracy and care. The same applies to the bending, notching and punching of our wire products. We use as few tools in our production as possible, and process wires effectively and economically into complex technical wire items.

All wire grids, baskets, bent wire parts and also gabions for noise barriers are optionally available with one of our refined surfaces. Choose between a chrome, electroplated, hot-dip galvanized finish or an epoxy powder coating surface.

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