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Workpiece carrier and basket systems made from wire

Work-piece carriers from WDM Deutenberg, such as wire baskets, stacking baskets, cleaning baskets, wire insert baskets (inlets) or basic baskets for transport systems, are the ideal base for safe and effective transportation of workpieces - whether on production lines, conveyor belts, transportation frames or for the manual transportation of workpieces.

The base system of the workpiece carrier is made of long lasting and durable wire and metal shets and then assembeld with plastic parts. Thanks to the combination of plastic, our basket systems ensure gentle storage - even for fragile workpieces.

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Custom-fit and durable wire workpiece carriers

The wire thicknesses used vary from 2 to 10 mm - depending on the requirements, punched and lasered parts are also used. In order to ensure a precise fit, the construction of the basket systems is based on the shape of the transported workpieces.

We manufacture workpiece carriers and basket systems with the surfaces brightly galvanized or made entirely of stainless steel, pickled and tempered or electropolished, which means that uncomplicated cleaning is easy possible.

With more than 60 years of expertise in the manufacture of wire products and experienced in-house design, we offer the optimal solution for all types of work-piece carriers. In order to ensure that only flawless and durable products leave our premises, extensive quality controls are being madet before delivery. We underline this with our ISO 9001 certification.

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There are many good reasons to choose gabions and grid products from WDM Deutenberg.

Over 60 years experience

Benefit from our long experience in development and production.

Comprehensive service

If desired, we can provide full support for your projects right from the start.

Certified quality

Our products are regularly tested for our high quality standards.

Fast delivery

Thanks to our own construction, we offer fast implementation of projects.