Gabion grids

Gabion grids are a special kind of grid lattices. As they are exposed to wind and weather, they require effective corrosion protection. Since they are filled with stones or other heavy materials, they also must have a high degree of stability and strength. Challenges that WDM Deutenberg has successfully mastered for decades.

Transparency with high strength

The method of manufacturing is that gabion lattices are welded grids made of drawn steel wire. A grid of wire rods arranged at right angles to one another is formed, which are connected by spot welding at the crossing points. Due to the principle of welded steel wires, a gabion grid is lighter than a similiar steel plate,t and also has the same strength.

Gabion grids have to withstand heavy strains. WDM Deutenberg therefore uses steel wires with a thickness of up to 6.0 mm to produce these lattices. The grid size is selected in such a way that the required strength is achieved with a minimum of material. The result is a welded grid that gives looses rocks a solid wall form and allows the construction of gabion walls and noise barriers easily. In this way we combine apparance with usability and strength.

Gabion grid with zinc-aluminum corrosion protection

Since gabion grids are always exposed to wind and weather, reliable corrosion protection is essentia for the longevityl. We therefore produce gabion grids as standard from wire with an aluminium-zinc alloy. This refinement offers 9 times higher corrosion protection than normal hot-dip galvanized wire and therefore it makes the gabions even more weather resistance and long-lasting.

Galvanized gabion mesh for outdoor use

As an alternative to gabion grids with zinc-aluminum alloy, the grid mats for gabion baskets can also be galvanized. Our galvanized gabion grids are characterized by a 50 - 150 μm thick surface finish, which offers efficient long-term protection against corrosion from being outdoors.

Corrosion resistance taken to the extreme

The highest quality level is welded grids made of stainless steel. Here we only use wires made of drawn stainless steel of grades V2A or V4A (other grades on request). Stainless steel not only gives gabions a particularly sophisticated aesthetic appearance. It also provides corrosion protection unmatched by any other surface finish.

Series production with experience

When it comes to the construction of gabion walls such as noise protection walls with rocks, several gabion baskets are usually used, which are easily connected to form a functional unit. WDM Deutenberg is one of the leading manufacturers of gabion grids with decades of experience. We have efficient production facilities that are also capable of producing large quantities of grid mats for gabion construction and Noise Protection.

Custom made products

It often comes down to placing gabions into a already existing landscape. Or its required that protective walls made of wire baskets filled with stones have a special geometric silhouette. WDM Deutenberg can flexibly respond to every customers request and manufactures gabion grids exactly according to the construction plans and meets the clients desires as best as possible.