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Wire grids — solid, sturdy and versatile

Wireframes are versatile construction elements for a wide range of applications. They secure areas against unauthorized access, delimit entry to dangerous areas of machines and equipment and are ideal for the construction of gabion fences and rock filled gabion baskets. They combine flexibility with strength and can be specifically equipped with the features required for the particular application.

Wire grids provides well-defined stability

The production of wire grids begins with wires being placed at right angles and with a constant spacing on top of each other. A high-strength connection is created at the specified crossing points using a computer-controlled spot welding process. The result is a welded wire mesh that is characterized by high inherent rigidity.

Spot-welded wire grids can be equipped with precisely defined properties. The more nodes a lattice has, the more evenly a selectively applied pressure is distributed over the entire surface. If thicker steel wires being used, the more resistant the entire wire grid will be. Lattice grid and wire thickness are therefore decisive for the mechanical properties of a spot-welded grid mat.

The used wires in the manufacturing process contribute significantly to the properties of the wire grid. WDM Deutenberg therefore processes both bare wire and galvanized wire for galvanized wire grids, as well as aluminium-zinc and stainless steel wire for stainless steel wire grids. Drawn steel wires with a thickness between 1.6 mm and 10.0 mm can be processed to match the required property profile. Small sized, close-meshed wire grids are therefore just as possible as large and solid welded grid mats.

Surface finishing as required

In addition, there are different processes for our surface finishing, such as pickling, passivation, electropolishing, galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing according to DIN EN 1461, chrome plating, nickel plating or painting in all RAL colors.

Wire grid production with decades of experience

Spot-welded wire grids are the core competence of WDM Deutenberg. We are known for decades as one of the strongest leading manufacturers in this field. This makes us a competent partner for industry, construction, gardening and landscaping. Because we know our way around and know exactly what can be manufactured with wire suitable for the corresponding use.

The production technology from WDM Deutenberg combines efficiency with speed. Wire grids are manufactured using the latest CNC-controlled automatic welding machines. They correspond to the newest state of technology, ensure high-precision, homogeneous welded joints and are characterized by high repeat accuracy. In addition, consistent quality assurance provide a consistently high level of quality with precisely defined features.

Any dimension in every quantity

When it comes to wire grids, WDM Deutenberg masters all requirements. Our flexible production system not only allows efficient series production with large editions. We are also open to very special tasks and can manufacture complex individual pieces according to available construction plans by our clients. We have mastered the production of fence elements with a side length of 3000 mm as well as close-meshed wire grids, such as those required for shopping carts, furniture inserts, wire baskets or livestock cages.

Bending, punching, notching

If a wire grid has to fulfill a precisely defined task and blend seamlessly into its surroundings, extensive production technology is required that includes all kinds of wire processing tasks. WDM Deutenberg has modern machinery including CNC-controlled bending and spot welding machines, punches and other machines. With this we realize every geometry and bring wire grids into the exact needed shape.

WDM Deutenberg provides wire grids with a high degree of prefabrication, which minimizes on-site work and ensures simple assembly. This includes precisely welded mounting brackets, targeted reinforcements and all the other necessary attachments. This is especially important when it comes to structural components, gabions for the construction of gabion noise protection walls or custom made protective machine grids for production facilities.

Expert knowledge on call

There is no replacement for the right know-how. At WDM Deutenberg we have committed employees that have the accurate know-how to help with the projects of our clients, and know which wire grids are needed in order to meet the exact requirements for the best results. And because Its not rocket science that the best solution will happen when Experts get involved we have dozens of experts to help with the projects of our customers.

At WDM Deutenberg, quality is not just about manufacturing technology and product properties. For us, quality includes the entire process from the first meet up with the customer to on-schedule delivery. Because we don't just produce wire grids. We consult, implement and solve requirements in the interest of every customer the best we can.

Types of wire

  • Bare wire
  • Pre-galvanized wire
  • Electro galvanized wire
  • Aluminum galvanized wire
  • Stainless steel wire

Wire mesh dimensions

  • 60 mm x 40 mm – 8.000 mm x 1.500 mm / 2.400 mm
  • Other dimensions possible

Diameters Ø (dx)

  • 2,0 mm – 12,0 mm
  • Other diameters possible


  • 20 mm x 20 mm – 300 mm x 300 mm
  • Other meshes possible

Further processing options

  • Combination with flat iron and profiles
  • Edging
  • Notches

Finishing options

  • Hot-dip galvanizing according to DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Powder coating
  • Chrome plating
  • Galvanic zinc coating
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