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Custom made grids and gabions

Whether in series or as a custom-made product, WDM Deutenberg offers you the highest level of quality. Gabions as a reinforced earth system, as a rhombus lattice, gabions with an incline or as a special design. According to customer requirements the developments of WDM Deutenberg durable stone baskets and wire ballast baskets ensure a safe and elegant attachment. There are also high-quality solutions, for example our stone baskets for house walls, or privacy screens made of gabions for noise protection walls.

Corrosion resistance according to DIN EN ISO 9227

With our standard and custom-made gabions, almost all designs of noise protection walls, gabion walls or bank reinforcements can be made according to your wishes and requirements. We manufacture the stone baskets with wire thicknesses between 3.0 mm and 6.0 mm. In order to ensure maximum durability and quality of the gabions, we manufacture the gabion baskets from stainless steel wire or aluminium-zinc wire with a corrosion resistance according to DIN EN ISO 9227.

With over 60 years of company tradition, we offer you as gabion manufacturer economically efficient work within the newest production facilities and support you from advice to reliable completion and delivery of your stone baskets "just in time".

Gabions for reinforced earth

Gabions are used in a variety of ways today - as retaining walls or wall facings, as a substructure for gabion benches or simply as design elements in landscapening. Among other things, gabions are also installed at reinforce grounds, these are "supporting structures" that are held in place by reinforcement strips embedded in the ground.

Short production and delivery times

For short-term production, we guarantee, with our extensive stock of raw materials, a quick implementation of the desired gabion, which we of course also offer as a custom-made product for special applications. You will receive gabion baskets from us as optimal wire solutions for your individual requirements within our extensive range of services for gabions.

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