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Gabion wall

With noise protection walls, entire settlements can be effectively protected from the noise of expressways. However, they are also used to shield noise emissions from sports fields or industrial areas. Gabion walls offer a visually appealing and at the same time highly effective alternative that is not perceived as a foreign body.

Natural soundproofing

Gabions are wire baskets loosely filled with stones. Pressure-resistant rocks such as basalt, granite, quartzite, limestone, lava or dolomite are primarily used for the construction of noise barriers. Due to the uneven surface structure, sound waves are not simply reflected, but absorbed to a large extent. This ensures efficient noise protection while at the same time reducing the noise level. In addition, the numerous pores and gaps in a gabion wall create a natural environment for small creatures. This makes it very different from any conventional wall.

Filling of the gabion walls

Gabion walls can be specifically adapted to their intended use. Very specific aesthetic ideas can also be realized. For example, the visible surface can be carefully built up by hand in order to obtain a particularly high-quality surface. Facing with slabs and bricks is also possible. The rest of the gabion is then usually filled with gravel.

Natural looking walls

A special variant are gabion walls, which are not perceived as walls by the viewer. For reasons of noise protection, they can be used as privacy screens or as a design element for structuring the landscape. For this purpose, the gabion baskets are lined with fleece and then filled with soil. Such a gabion wall will green itself within a very short time and then forms a natural-looking wall against noise and prying eyes.

Strength as a design feature

Gabion walls consist of a combination of wire baskets - the actual gabions. They are made up of individual welded meshes that are connected to one another using spiral rods or plug-in rods. The material used is aluminum zinc wire or stainless steel wire with thicknesses between 3.0 mm and 6.0 mm.

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