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Gabion noise protection walls

The problem: Noise pollution

The noise level around us affects our physical and mental well-being. A permanently high noise level is often the cause of many illnesses. For example, strong, persistent noise can affect the cardiovascular system and lead to irritability, sleep disorders or concentration problems. In the worst case, noise damages our hearing and leads to hearing loss orin worst cases even deafness.

The solution: Gabions as noise protection walls

Noise protection walls made of gabions are the modern solution in preventing noise pollution and protecting people and animals from unpleasant sounds. Gabions are wire baskets filled with stones or gravel. They are ideally suited to act as effective privacy screens or as noise protection walls. In this way, guideline values for the permitted noise level can be met and often even undercut with manageable effort.

In fact gabion baskets are very stable, but at the same time they are extremely flexible in their design. Therefore, a noise barrier made of gabions is a good alternative to solid walls made of concrete or stone.

Flexible noise protection for numerous applications

Noise protection walls offer effective protection against traffic noise, for example on highways and train routes, speedways or industrial sites. But our gabion baskets are also used in the private sector. They block out the roar of traffic, muffle neighbors' conversations, or reduce the noise of lawn mowers and leaf blowers running nearby. Your garden will finally become the quiet zone and oasis of well-being and relaxation that you wish for! The noise protection wall blends harmoniously into the existing landscape, you can plant greenery into the baskets and design them according to your own preferences and likings.

As you can see: A noise protection wall using our gabion technology offers numerous advantages over many conventional noise protection barriers.

Advantages of a gabion noise protection wall at a glance

  • Due to its open construction, it is extremely effective; Gravel and stone "swallow" the sound waves and offer ideal noise protection.
  • Noise protection walls made of gabions can be planted and designed individually to personal likings.
  • Made of galvanized steel, they are extremely robust and durable.
  • They are ecologically sound solution.
  • The gabion walls can be designed flexibly.

Gabion noise barrier

The term gabion comes from Italy and means "big cage". In German-speaking countries, this means wire baskets or grids. The implementation involves baskets of different sizes and shapes made of zinc-aluminum or stainless steel mesh, which are filled with stones, sand or earth and thus serve as a wall or as bank or embankment reinforcement.

The advantage of the gabion noise barrier is, on the one hand, that it can be constructed quickly without the use of binding agents such as mortar and that it can be designed in different ways with the use of different rocks. An additional advantage is excellent noise and sound insulation.

The loose filling of the stones as well as sand or earth in the gabion baskets ensures that the sound waves that strike are absorbed. Fixed walls made out of bricks or concrete, on the other hand, only cause a partial deflection or reflection of the sound.

The production of the wire baskets

The individual components for the production of gabion baskets are usually made from welded mesh, rods / spirals and spacers.

The dimensions of the basket depend on the desired size of the gabion, although there are restrictions on transportation if they are already filled. If the gabion is filled directly at the actual installation site, other sizes are of course possible instead of already filled gabion basktes beacuse they would be to heavy for transportation.

Filling the gabion noise barrier

Gabions are usually designed as bulk baskets or brick baskets. In Noise Barriers we mostly use Pressure-resistant rocks such as basalt, granite, quartzite, limestone, lava or dolomite. In addition, the visible surface of gabions can be layerd by hand for a better apperance. Gabions with bricks are mostly filled with gravel, only the visible sides are faced with slabs or bricks.

Environmental protection and noise protection combined - possible twith gabions

With gabion noise protection walls, not only citys and neighborhoods are shielded from noise pollution such as highways sounds, they are also intergrated into the landscape and the surrrounding nature. For this purpose, the wire mesh baskets can be lined with fleece and filled with soil. In a short time, the noise protection walls will be fully coverd in greenery almost by itself and form a natural-looking wall against noise and prying eyes.

The gaps and holes in the stones of the gabion or the gabion fence offer small creatures space and protection and become a natural environment, in contrast to a concrete wall. Another positive aspect of the gabion as a noise protection wall is the low maintenance effort in terms of care.

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