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Galvanized wire mesh

Wire mesh made of galvanized steel wire is characterized by a high level of corrosion resistance and offers the guarantee that the mesh will not form unwanted rust even after many years. Galvanized wire mesh is therefore the first choice for all constructions that are not coated with paint. The type of galvanizing decides whether the grille is only suitable for indoor use or whether it is also protected against outdoor corrosion.

Galvanizing for indoor use

Wire mesh with galvanic or electrolytic galvanizing is provided with a protective zinc coating with a thickness between 2.5 and 25 µm. They offer sufficient corrosion protection for components that are used indoors and should not have an additional coat of paint.

Hot-dip galvanizing for outdoor use

With a 50 - 150 µm thick surface finish, hot-dip galvanized wire mesh offers significantly higher corrosion protection than galvanized mesh. Hot-dip galvanized steel wire is therefore the right material whenever a wire mesh is to be used outdoors. This applies, for example, to gabions, such as those used for natural stone walls or noise protection walls. Or on fences, balcony railings or any other construction element made of gabion mesh that is constantly exposed to the weather.

Wire mesh with zinc-aluminum corrosion protection

Wire mesh with a zinc-aluminum alloy surface finish meets the highest standards of corrosion protection. This galvanizing offers 9 times more protection against corrosion than normal hot-dip galvanized wire and therefore gives the end product exceptional weather resistance.

Formats and dimensions as required

WDM Deutenberg wire technology manufactures anti-corrosive welded mesh made of zinc or a zinc-aluminum alloy from drawn steel wires with thicknesses between 1.6 mm and 10.0 mm. All mesh sizes from 20x20 mm or 50x15 mm are possible. Different wire thicknesses can be combined with one another. In addition, the wire mesh can be provided with a surrounding frame wire and equipped with beams made of flat iron or tubes.

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