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Grid mats

Spot-welded mesh panels are durable construction elements that offer high strength and flexibility. WDM Deutenberg has been a manufacturer of stainless steel grids for many years and is able to produce an optimally dimensioned grid mat for every application through the targeted combination of materials, material thicknesses and grid sizes.

Material exactly as needed

The needed corrosion resistance is a decisive property for a grid mat. We therefore use different steels for the production of grid mats, depending on the requirements. From bright, galvanized and aluminum-galvanized steel to rustprood long-lasting stainless steel in various materials.

Wire strength according to required strength

A pull-out system grid requires a different level of strength than a balcony grid and gabion baskets for landscaping, as they have to be equipped with a lot more durability and strength. WDM Deutenberg therefore produces welded wire grids made of drawn steel wire with different diameters. The following rule applies: the larger the diameter of the wire used is, the higher is the stability.

Surface finishing

Subsequent surface finishing is possible for grid mats made of bare steel. This can be done by galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing the grid mats. Alternatively, a paint coating can be applied in any RAL color.

Galvanized grid mats

Galvanized grid mats are highly welded and yet very flexible. They offer extremely high weather resistance and can be shaped in almost any way without losing their strength. They can be equipped with any angles, tubes and other attachments according to our customers needs.

Galvanized grid mats as construction material

Galvanized mesh panels are a versatile construction element in the construction industry. It starts with the construction fence to secure the construction site. They are suitable as a weatherproof construction element, for balconies, and allow the construction of delicate-looking steel lattice stairs. In addition, they are often used in industrial environments as air and light-permeable partition systems.

Galvanized grid mats in landscaping

In the garden and landscaping, galvanized grid mats as gabion grids are not only an elegant design element and are ideal as trellises or garden gates. They also allow the construction of aesthetic noise barriers and gabion baskets that blend into the landscape almost transparently and still offer a high level of protection.

Galvanized grid mats in machine and plant construction

Galvanized grid mats are ideal in mechanical and plant engineering, for example to create efficient access protection to storage areas. They ensure effective shielding and thus prevent access to running machine processes. As a protective machine grille, they protect the work spaces and therefore create safety areas in accordance with the Machinery Ordinance. They are the indispensable basis for reliable occupational safety.

Material and finish exactly as required

Galvanized grid mats can be specifically custom made to their intended use. Both wire thickness and mesh size determine the strength and flexibility of the wire grid. The weatherproof surface finishing can be done either by galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing according to DIN EN 1461.

Steel grid mats

Welded steel wire mash is an indispensable element in the modern building construction. They are used in mechanical and plant engineering and are used in a wide range of applications in building construction, as well as gardening and landscaping. Its spot-welded mesh is extremely stable and can still be flexibly formed. The unrestricted strength is retained even after formation.

Targeted property profiles of steel wiret

Steel mesh mats consist of drawn wire of different diameters. Wire thickness and grid spacing determine the relation between strength and flexibility. In addition to weatherproof galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing, a paint coating is also possible, with the entire RAL color palette being available.

From standard grille to custom-made products

WDM Deutenberg is one of the leading manufacturers of steel mesh panels. Our flexible production system uses the latest technologies and allows the production of large series as well as the custom-made one-off production based on design requierments. Mesh mats can be manufactured with an outer edge of up to 3000 mm and equipped with any angles, tubes and other attachments.

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