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Welded mesh mats

Firmly welded together point by point and still tremendously flexible - these are the words that describe welded mesh mats very well. The welded meshes consisting of crossed steel wires and resistance-welded. This results in a versatile product with enormously high versatility. Depending on the intended use, different steels are used for the wire mesh in production. From bright, galvanized and aluminum-galvanized steel to rustproof stainless steel.

The basis, the welded latticework of the welded lattice, serves a wide variety of purposes. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind for the viewer is gabion fences. In fact, a large part of the wire mesh production is used to make garden fences or partitions and protection devices in industry and construction. Welded mesh mats are also used in landscape architecture, for example to form walls made of natural stone with the help of our gabion baskets.

Welded mesh mats are manufactured from drawn wire with different diameters. The stronger the wire used, the higher the stability of the welded mesh made from it.

Another important point related to the strength of the welded mesh is the precise welding, which today is carried out using electric resistance spot welding. Due to the individual welding points, the welded mesh mats can be bent or formed and cut to size in practically unlimited amounts without losing the overall stability.

The material steel also offers the possibility of combining with other semi-finished products such as angle iron or pipes, whereby a new product is created here by welding. The surface finishing of the welded mesh mats can be done either by galvanizing (galvanic or hot-dip galvanizing) or by color coating, with the entire RAL color palette being

Welded mesh mats for gardening and landscaping

Welded mesh mats are primarily used in gardening and landscaping, construction in general and industry.

This includes gabion fences for both commercial properties and the home garden. Practically unlimited fence heights are possible for all kind of areas, which prevent unauthorized access. In the same way, the welded mesh mat is also used in garden design as a functional and elegant design element.

In industry, for example, machine protection grids are required in the manufacturing area to shield machines and systems, which firstly protects the devices from external intervention and secondly ensure that running machines do not pose a risk to employees as part of safety. Welded mesh mats in connection with various steel profiles are ideally suited for this.

Grid mats - the constant companion in the construction industry

In the construction industry, welded mesh mats are often there right from the start. First as a construction fence to secure the construction site and in the course of the construction project as an architectural element. For example as part of a steel mesh staircase or steel mesh floor on balconies or other outdoor spaces. In the same way, welded mesh mats serve as open, light- and air-permeable walls that also offer a high degree of safety.

Thanks to flexible packaging, we offer versatile production of welded mesh mats in terms of edging, notching, welding, mesh size, wire diameter and the coating of the stainless steel wire grid.

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