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Spot welded stainless steel mesh

Stainless steel spot welded grids from WDM Deutenberg is the keyword of durability and stability. Not only are they extremely corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use, where they can withstand wind and weather for many years. They are also acid-resistant, making them ideal for industrial environments where aggressive processes are happening.

Assured quality for assured properties

When it comes to wire grids made of spot-welded stainless steel, WDM Deutenberg is one of the specialists. The newest production facilities ensure efficient and highly precise production. Consistent quality assurance ensures consistent properties at the highest level. Decades of experience ensure exactly the know-how that makes superior products.

Lasting stability as production benchmark

With spot welding, smooth stainless steel wires are positioned at right angles to each other and welded together at the crossing points. The resulting spot welds ensure a thorough connection of the material. They are permanently stable and give the welded mesh extremely high strength and transverse rigidity.

Best materials in combination

Selected stainless steel in grades V2A, V4A or other qualities is used for stainless steel spot-welded grids. Wire thicknesses between 1.6 mm and 10.0 mm are possible, which allows specific adaptation to the respective application. Grids made of different wire thicknesses are also possible. Depending on the wire thickness, all mesh sizes from 20x20 mm or 50x15 mm are possible.

Quickly available stainless steel grilles from stock

WDM Deutenberg has an extensive stock of ready-made stainless steel mesh mats. You can choose between different dimensions, wire thicknesses and mesh sizes. These storage mats, which are open on all sides, are quickly available and cover a wide range of applications.

Special solutions exactly as required

WDM Deutenberg not only stands for experience, quality and high delivery capability. We are particularly enthusiastic when it comes to solutions that have to fit very specific requirements. We are happy to implement any stainless steel wire mesh according to your design requierments or we support you with our know-how in the development of an individually custom made solution.

Refine, customize, complete

For short on-site assembly times, we deliver stainless steel spot-welded mesh in exactly the degree of prefabrication that suits your installation. We provide frame grilles with a surrounding frame wire and weld on beams made out of pipes or flat irons. We pickle, passivate or electropolish your grids as required. We can notch, punch, edge and cut and deliver your wire mesh complete with handles, fasteners, rubber grommets or other attachments.

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